There are only a few things you need to know about 710 King Pen. They are the highest-quality, best-selling and most highly decorated vaporizer on the market. They are produced in California, based in Los Angeles, and they are one of the market leaders as of right now.

These vape cartridges can be used with the 710 King Pen Battery Kit which can be found here

710 King Pen have won multiple awards, including winning the vape products category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in both LA and Denver. As such, you can have faith in these vastly superior, lab-tested products. Choose between 0.5g and 1g cartridges, take a look at the strains and flavors below. OG strains included.

710 King Pen Skywalker

Indica-dominant hybrid
Blueberry Flavors
High Yields
Great for nighttime use
Stress Buster
710 King Pen King Louis OG
Perfect for insomnia
Fairly potent
Great to take the edge off a long day
Perfect for relaxing
Retains the great taste of the famous strain


710 King Pen Jack Herer
Hails from Amsterdam
Potent Sativa
Retains all of the flavor from the original strain
Perfect for depression, and other things helped by sativas
Daytime strain

710 King Pen Super Lemon Haze

Zesty and citrusy
Sweet flavors
Energetic, lively high
Unwinding, stress buster
Flavorful and overall a great cartridge


710 King Pen Three Kings

Cross between OG Kush, Headband, and Sour Diesel
Very strong strain, cross between 3 strong strains
Known for its potency
Nice tasting
Overwhelmingly cerebral high
A touch of indica, but not much!

710 King Pen Gelato

Creamy hybrid
Famous for cerebral and body highs
Well balanced indica/sativa cross
Known for its sweet tastes
Perfect for all-around use
710 King Pen Romulan Grapefruit
Sweet and spicy (Citrus and spicy)
Hybrid, cross between Romulan and Grapefruit
Relaxing effects
Euphoric effects
Slightly couch lock effects
Great nighttime strain

710 King Pen JillyBean

Sweet & tropical
Gets the creative juices flowing
Perfect, euphoria during the daytime
Cross between Space Queen and Orange Velvet
Upbeat, happy hybrid

710 King Pen Trainwreck
Sativa-dominant hybrid
Aptly named for its strong sativa effects
Will leave you feeling wrecked
Cross between Mexican & Thai sativas
Known across California

710 King Pen Cali O
Balanced (50/50) hybrid
Perfect for overall use, all rounder
Upbeat, clear-headed high
Large doses will give couch lock

 Vaping the kingpen Experience

The vaping experience is different from other methods of smoking cannabis. The most important difference is the flavor, as the flavor os vaping is much better than smoking flower. This is because when you combust the plant material with fire, in order to smoke flower, the cannabis burns and creates a strong taste of burning. When you smoke a vape, the different parts of cannabis are separated into a concentrated form, then put inside oil. This oil is then gently heated, allowing for a much better tasting experience. The other differences are the strength, which is often stronger than flower. Some concentrates aren’t stronger than flower, but 710 king pen doesn’t suffer from this drawback. Furthermore, vapes allow for a more subtle use of the magical medical herb.

How to pick your 710 King Pen Cartridge

In order to pick your cartridge, you must first ask yourself the most important question: why do I want to smoke? If you’re looking for something to help take the edge off a long day, then you want either an indica or an indica-heavy hybrid. This will help with mind & body unwinding, a great example of this would be King Louis OG.

If you’re looking to tackle a more serious health condition, then you should research whether an indica, sativa or hybrid is better for your specific condition. 710 King Pen Super Lemon Haze cartridges have become very popular, and they will help you with things like depression and stress-related illness. Furthermore, the 710 King Pen Gelato has become incredibly popular, for its creamy, hybrid taste and effects.


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